Thank you for your friendship and support! The vouchers listed below can be redeemed for spectacular, top-graded Frasier Fir Christmas Trees and wreaths. They are mountain grown in near perfect conditions on one of North Carolina’s Premiere Christmas Tree Farms. They will be delivered to the lot shortly after being individually selected from the field, thus assuring that they are dew-dripping FRESH. You can then redeem your voucher anytime after Thanksgiving at Scott's Christmas Tree Sales Lot at 602 Griffith Street in Davidson, NC The prices vary, depending on the unique qualities of each tree. As a general guide, you’ll find the item’s prices range as follows: Wreaths - $19 - $39 5 foot tree - $45 - $59 6 foot tree - $55 - $69 7 foot tree - $65 - $79 8 foot tree - $75 - $89 9 foot tree - $90 - $119 10 foot tree - $105 - $129 For trees taller than 10 feet, please contact us for pricing and to make special shipping arrangements. Whether you are buying an item or not, you also have an opportunity to make a separate financial contribution. If you are so inclined, you can select the ‘Donate’ option at the bottom of the page. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING OUR KIDS !

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